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Mabey Group Code of Ethics

We recognise that while we are accountable to our shareholders we take into account the interests of all, including our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors, temporary and agency staff and the wider community and environment within the countries in which we operate.

Framework of core business values:

1 Ethical Conduct

  • seek to be honest and fair in our relationships with our customers, shareholders, employees, subcontractors,suppliers,competitors,government agencies and the public
  • provide the standards of products and services that have been agreed
  • take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of the goods and services we provide
  • do not offer, give or accept bribes, excess hospitality or substantial favours
  • co-operate with customers and suppliers to increase quality and efficiency
  • encourage suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the principles of this Code
  • respect confidential and proprietary information

2 Care for well being of employees

  • provide clear and fair terms of employment
  • provide clean, healthy, safe and secure conditions
  • have a fair remuneration policy everywhere we operate
  • strive for equal opportunities for all present and potential employees, temporary or agency staff and contractors
  • encourage employees to develop skills and progress in their careers on fair assessment of performance and potential
  • do not tolerate the possession of weapons of any type or the use, distribution, sale or possession of controlled substances except for approved medical purposes
  • do not tolerate any sexual, physical or mental harassment including bullying or any other type of harassment of our employees, temporary or agency staff and contractors
  • do not discriminate on grounds of colour, race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, age, religion, political or other opinion or beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or marital status
  • do not employ underage staff or forced labour or use suppliers or subcontractors who do
  • respect human rights within our responsibility and contractual obligations

3 Social responsibility to the community

  • respect the laws, culture, and international treaties of the home and overseas markets we serve
  • aim to make the communities in which we work better places to live and do business
  • aim to be sensitive to the local community's cultural, social and economic needs while operating within the principles of this Code
  • refrain from making company resources available to terrorists or rebels for political tribal and armed conflict

4 Respect for the environment

  • protect the environment with sound stewardship and practices

5 Responsibility to shareholders and other suppliers of finance

  • be financially accountable to our shareholders
  • maintain accurate records and prepare true and fair and timely reports in line with reporting requirements
  • communicate to shareholders all matters that are material to an understanding of the future prospects of the organisation
  • aim to protect shareholders' funds, manage risks and ensure that funds are used as agreed

Board Statement

Mabey is committed to conducting its business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

All employees, representatives and agents acting on behalf of Mabey are expected to follow this Code. There are no exceptions. Violations of this Code will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

There are detailed policies and codes of conduct which reflect Mabey's position regarding each employee's responsibility for helping preserve our reputation and to maintain compliance with applicable laws. However these cannot address every issue which may arise. Each of us has an obligation to familiarise ourselves with applicable laws, company policies and practices, and to act responsibly, including taking advice if there is doubt on the appropriate course of action.

All employees must take action to report potential or apparent violations of law, this Code, or any incident of questionable conduct to either their line manager, director or the Group Compliance Officer. We will not criticise anyone for reporting potential violations or allow retaliation for reports of misconduct by others. However, we will not tolerate attempts to harm or slander employees through false accusations or other irresponsible actions. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the identity of anyone reporting a possible violation is kept confidential. Similarly, subject to our obligations under the law and our policies, we will keep the identity of employees about or against whom allegations have been made confidential.

Questions concerning responsible or legal conduct will inevitably arise in the normal course of business. It is the responsibility of each employee to contact their line manager, director or the Group Compliance Officer before taking any action that may have legal consequences for the company or damage its reputation.

Chairman, Mabey Holdings Limited
Originally issued December 2002 and reissued 3 November 2009
This edition signed by D Brister and issued October 2010